For this Bachelor thesis project I conducted research about food risk perception of Italian consumers. Several scientific papers and documents published by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) demonstrate that Italians, compared to other European citizens, often overestimate food risk. This "Fear of food" seem to be meaningless as Italy is one of the safest countries as far as food related diseases.

How it's made - Research

1. Italian consumers have an exaggerated perception of food risk.

Icon design

Surveys conducted by EFSA researchers show that transparency in risk communication is extremely useful in fighting disinformation about food risk. For this reason I created a set of packagings focused on a certified food chain. I studied the food chain of three different fresh products representing the key steps with an iconic system.

How it's made - Icon design

2. Icons describing key steps of products' food chain.

Packaging design

Finally I designed a label for each of these products. On the top you can see the "How it's made" logo and a short description of the food chain certification. Below the product's name there's a line that drives you through the whole industrial process. This visualization describes which precautions were used to make the product safe for consumer's health.

How it's made - Washed salad pack

3.1 How it's made - Washed salad packaging.

How it's made - Parmigiano pack

3.2 How it's made - Washed salad and parmigiano packagings.

How it's made - Ham pack

3.3 How it's made - Ham packaging.