Data visualization

During the last year lab (Density Design) at Politecnico di Milano University we visualized a IPCC's (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) fresh water availability scenario for Europe in 2050s. We decided to compare water management in two different countries (United Kingdom and Romania) studying money investments in infrastructures and their effect on water withdrawal. The visualization shows how climate change will likely increase the gap between these countries.

Water cycle infographic

1. Comparison between fresh water managament in United Kingdom and Romania.

Data analysis

For our second task we focused on the analysis and controversies' visualization. We started analyzing data about Virtual Water Trade and identified main sources of informations. We used several visualizations to describe the actors involved in the debate and possible connections between them.

Water cycle - Research progress

2.1 Step-by-step visualization of our research progress.

Water cycle - Main sources of information

2.2 Main sources of informations about Virtual Water Trade.

Water cycle - Scientific papers comparison

2.3 Comparison between 15 scientific papers about Virtual Water Trade.

Interactive infographic

Finally we created a prototype of an interactive tool which studies reasearch debate on Virtual Water Trade. This tool makes it easy for the user to rapidly compare up to 15 scientic papers in 3 different steps:

  • First step shows the most influent authors (number of citations);
  • Second step shows the most influent countries in Virtual Water Trade (number of citations);
  • Third step show how quoted countries behave within Virtual Water Trade (virtual water import/export data).
Water cycle - Interactive infographic - Number of citations per author

3.1 Introduction to the tool and number of citations per author.

Water cycle - Interactive infographic - Number of citations per country

3.2 Number of citations per country.

Water cycle - Interactive infographic - Virtual water trade behaviour of mentioned countries

3.3 Quoted countries' behaviour in Virtual Water Trade.