Sketch / Wireframe

Womo, a new brand of cologne, aftershave and beauty products for men, wanted us (PG&W) to create an eCommerce which captivates the users' attention with emotional and interesting contents. To meet client's expectations we created the take your time concept. We enhanced the navigation experience by adding a slider to the home page. Thanks to this slider the user can now determine wich content will be displayed: products or lifestyle.

Womo sketching

1.1 Sketch of the home page and "take your time" slider.

Womo wireframes

1.2 Wireframe of the home page explaining slider's functioning.

Interface Design

The client wanted the website's look to recall tactile sensations of furniture in his retail stores. We literally created the interface by using wood, steel and glass surfaces. The aim of the design was to give user a positive and welcoming feeling throughout the entire purchasing process.

Womo - Interface Design - Home page

2.1 Layout of the home page with "take your time" box on the left and products carousel on the right.

Womo - Interface Design - Products index

2.2 Layout of products index.

Womo - Interface Design - Product page

2.3 Layout of product page with social integration, comments and cross-selling box.

Womo - Interface Design - Blog

2.4 Layout of blog article.