Creative brief

The design challenge of this project was to promote Giorgio Armani 2017 eyewear collection with an immersive digital experience. We started by analyzing the video campaign presenting the new collection. The short movie talks about two strangers Emma & Tristan in Vienna speaking to each other by voice messages but never meeting in person. The story focuses on curiosity and the desire to share experiences. First of all we generated and prototyped several ideas on how to present this concept in a digital environment.

1. Video concept presentation

Choosing the right idea

We prioritized the generated concepts and discussed them with the client. We were looking for an idea with the right balance between originality and usability on mobile devices. The aim was to inspire users and let them dive into the story of Emma & Tristan rather than merely present the collection. Finally we choose to recreate the dialogue between the protagonists mixing texts, small pieces of audio and video. We used navigation patterns of messaging apps designing every element in a minimal and elegant style.

2. Mobile prototype

A matter of style

Designing for fashion means being really careful about style. So we developed a moodboard and a styleguide for the client to better understand our proposal before designing every single screen. Therefore we used Armani’s typography and clean style on a dark background to better fit with photography and video content.

From mobile to desktop

The website was designed mobile first but we worked hard to create an impactful experience on desktop too. As a result we used video and audio cuts from the movie to enrich the navigation. We also added custom interactions, such as opening a message or looking up, allowing the user to literally take part in the story.

4. Desktop prototype

Talk with the protagonists

During navigation, the user can literally start a conversation with the characters using a conversational interface. This way we led curious users into learning more about the campaign and the collections. This kind of interaction was also available on facebook as a chatbot.

5. Conversational interface


The experience was appreciated by both the client and the users we tested on. Unfortunately the client didn’t provide us any data but just few comments about the analytics. The main result was an overall increase in permanence time and number of in-page interactions. The website was translated in 9 different languages reaching thousands of users per day all around the globe.