Working together

Nowadays agencies struggle searching for the best way to make people work together interdisciplinary. In Caffeina we face this problem constantly evolving our internal processes and scaling our staff. Unfortunately frequent changing can be stressful for people and can lead to the loss of identity and past knowledge. That’s why we created Caffeina Playbook, an instrument for culture and knowledge sharing in our organization.

From single activities to entire processes

First of all we analyzed similar websites such as Design Kit from IDEO, Design & Research Tools from Sketchin and Team Playbook from Atlassian. This way we highlighted best-practices in sharing a culture about design and innovation. However we rapidly understood we needed something different in order to make the Playbook attractive to non-designers. That’s why we shifted our focus from presenting the list of design activities to the creation of interdisciplinary processes. Our aim was to inspire integration between units providing tangible examples of collaboration.

A tool built for collaboration

To create the Playbook we interviewed colleagues of any seniority to understand their needs and gather insights about the way they collaborate on daily routine. As a result we identified the lack of clarity about timelines and responsibilities of each team member as the main obstacles for effective collaboration. This way we defined our main goal: make it easy for interdisciplinary teams to create and share an action plan for every future project of Caffeina. Using the Playbook, team leaders can rapidly create a new process proposal starting from scratch or from an existing one. Each team member can contribute to it adding, removing or editing activities. Anytime during this process is easy to evaluate economic and time effort of the project. Finally the Playbook can automatically generate a keynote presentation of the action plan to be shared both internally and with the client.

3. Proposal creation process


The Playbook has rapidly become one of the main internal assets in Caffeina. Main results of this project are:

  • Creation of a unique service plan for the agency
  • Fast creation of interdisciplinary proposals
  • Automatic generation of presentations to share with our clients
  • Faster retrieval of informations about past projects
  • Smoother on-boarding for new colleagues